DC Mayor 2022

Trayon White Sr.

"The People's Champ"

My heart beats for the people of DC and in my 17 years of service here I have a track record of caring and creating solutions.

Trayon White Sr.

History in the making - the people's campaign!

Trayon White is running for Mayor as a Fair Elections candidate. This means he will only be accepting grassroots donations from individuals – no PACs or corporations. The maximum donation is $200 and all donations from DC residents will be matched 5 to 1. That means your $50 donation will become $300! Your $200 donation becomes $1,200!

Donate as little as $5, and as much as $200 today to help Trayon make history, ending the influence of big money in local elections.

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Meet Trayon

Learn all about Trayon, why he is running, and what he has already done.
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Join Us

This is the people’s campaign and we can’t do it without. Click below to learn how you can help.

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The Issues

Learn about the issues Trayon cares about and what he plans to do about it as Mayor.

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Yard Sign

Want to show your support for Trayon? Click below to request a yard or window sign.

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Join the people's campaign!

This campaign is for the people and by the people. We need your help to phone bank, knock on doors, host meet & greets, show your support through signage, make donations and more!